Use Express view

The Express view provides a simple and intuitive way of using the main features of the program. You can use the Express view for creating, mounting, and restoring images. You can also switch easily from one view to another.

Tip: If you want to hide certain function from the user, you can disable them over the Registry entry ExpressFlags. For further information consult chapter Explanation of the Registry entries.

Note: Restoring the system partition is not possible while the computer’s running. Use the Bootmedium for this and run O&O DiskImage directly from it.

O&O DiskImage oodi6 expressansicht Use Express View

Express view


  1. Create image – starts the imaging of one or more drives.
  2. Restore image – starts the restoration of the image.
  3. Read image information – displays detailed information about an image file. You can also use the drop-down menu (small arrow on the right) to mount and unmount an image from a drive.
  4. Restores the full view of O&O DiskImage’s user interface.
  5. Displays the program’s Help.

Use Express View