Loading drivers

If a device like a hard disk or network card isn’t automatically recognized when using the bootmedium under Windows PE, it could be that a required driver for the controller (e.g., for RAID) is missing.

You can start loading a new driver immediately after inserting the Start CD using the dialog O&O System settings and the tab Drivers. You can also find this dialog at a later moment under Start/O&O System settings/Drivers.

Please follow these instructions for loading a new driver:

  1. Open the tab Drivers in the dialog O&O System settings as described above. All recognized Windows devices as well as all devices missing installed drivers will be displayed.
  2. Select the device for which you want to load a driver.
  3. Click Load.
  4. Select the desired driver such as one on a connected hard disk, USB Stick or CD*.
  5. In the dialog, select Open to install the driver.
  6. You’ll then see a program message informing you about the status of the installation.

* Note: You can remove the Start CD from the drive in order to insert a driver CD from a manufacturer.

Note: Under certain circumstances, you may receive a notice requiring you to restart if you have loaded an additional driver under Windows PE. This message is automatically generated by Windows PE but is irrelevant when starting from a CD. Simply reject the request and follow the further instructions in the pop-up window.

Note: Encrypted drives are not supported under Windows PE

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Loading drivers

Load drivers