Start directly from bootable disk

If you start O&O DiskImage directly from a bootable disks (bootmedium), such as CD, DVD or USB stick you will have access to all functions available.

The bootable disk contains Windows PE and is suitable, for example, for the restoration of your entire computer or your system partition, if you have created an image before. You can use the bootable disk with O&O DiskImage even if your Windows is not capable of booting due to a software error. The CD holds various other system rescue tools besides O&O DiskImage. These tools will try to start Windows successfully without having to restore from an image. More information is available in the program help of each integrated tool.

Starting from CD/DVD

  1. Make sure that your system is able to be started from a CD/DVD/USB stick. You can place the appropriate settings in BIOS. Further information can be obtained from your motherboard manufacturer.
  2. Put the O&O DiskImage Start CD in your computer’s CD/DVD drive or connect the USB stick.
  3. Restart the computer. Follow the instructions at the start of the CD.
    O&O DiskImage oodi boot Start directly from bootable disk
  4. The system settings will subsequently appear in the window. Select a language and region.
  5. At the next stage you can load drivers for those devices where no drivers under Windows PE were initially found, see also chapter Load Drivers.
  6. O&O DiskImage will start after confirmation of the license regulation.

Start from USB stick

To boot from an USB stick, you normally have to change the boot sequence in the boot menu of your computer. Alternatively, you can also configure appropriate settings in the BIOS. Further information can be obtained from your motherboard manufacturer.

  1. Open the boot menu while the computer is booting.
  2. You can change the sequence in the menu, if you place the USB entry (removable devices) in the beginning.
  3. After that your computer will recognize your USB stick as boot medium, and will start the program from there. O&O DiskImage ooisoboot bootmenue Start directly from bootable disk

Note: The sequence in the boot menu is normally only valid for the current computer status. This step might have to be repeated at the next boot action.

O&O DiskImage oodi6 pe 640x479 Start directly from bootable disk

Using the Start CD from O&O DiskImage


Tip: If you have purchased O&O DiskImage electronically, you will find more information on the creation of bootable disk here: Create boot medium.

Note: If you want to run a restoration on different hardware, you should also consider the notes in chapter Machine independent restoration (M.I.R.).

Note: In the O&O DiskImage Special Edition the Start CD needed for running O&O DiskImage without an operating system and restoring the system partition is not included.


Load drivers

Settings for restoration on different hardware

Start directly from bootable disk