Disable user inquiries while job is running

User inquiries are questions that can arise during the normal course of running a job or while the scripts are being processed.

If in doubt, you will need to confirm questions, e.g. with a security check if the name of the image already exists. The job will thereby be interrupted because the user either has to make a decision or additional information is required for continuing. Some user queries can be specified using special parameters, for this see the script documentation.

User queries are currently made only, if the user interface of O&O DiskImage is open.

User queries will not be filed until the user interface is closed during job execution, or if you have enabled the option Disable user inquiries while job is being run. Should this interactive option be turned off, in a worst case scenario there will be no confirmation dialog while the job is being run and it will be aborted by default and logged as an error.

Disable user inquiries while job is being run