Characteristics of an imaging job

Storage path

The target path to the storage location of the image will be applied by default. You may, however, select or enter a new path manually.

Apply dynamically generated file names

For a file name, the terms “Image” and the dynamically mounted parameters “year”, “month”, and “day”, will be used by default. In addition, you can select from a list of alternative parameters. If you’re making, for example, a number of images on a single day, it’s advisable to include the “time” in the file name. Otherwise, files with the same name would emerge and that could lead to the imaging process being aborted.

Note: If you’re using O&O DiskImage on a computer in a network, the data from the computer will be automatically read and file names will be dynamically generated. You could, for example, add the “Computer Name” to the image name for use in a network.

Characteristics of an imaging job