Create a job for incremental or differential imaging

In order to create a differential or incremental imaging job, you’ll need a complete or base image that was previously created. This complete image will serve as a base for creating differential/ incremental imaging jobs. The first image after the complete image is always a differential image. Incremental images can be based on a differential or another incremental images.

  1. Select Drive imaging from the O&O DiskImage Start Page.
  2. Enable the check for Incremental imaging.
  3. Select the base image via Select image for your incremental follow up images.
  4. Then click on the symbol Add as job in the ribbon bar.
  5. Enter the name and the schedule for the imaging session in the job dialogue.
  6. Under Imaging you can either use the standard path or manually enter another storage location for the image.

The option Use created image as base image for the following execution is enabled by default. Incremental images will always be created based on the last image of changes. As a result of this, the data volume of the incremental image will end up being very small. All previous cumulative images and the last complete image will be needed for restoration. We recommend saving the complete image as well as any successive image of the changes in one folder.

If this is not possible, the default check has to be removed from Disable user inquires while task is running. The process runs only partially automatic because every time an imaging takes place, any previous images will be requested. If these are not entered, the job will be aborted as a result of error.

The selection check for Use created image as base for the following execution is enabled by default. If you disable it, all further images will be created as differential ones that use the last complete image for their base. Restoration will then require the last differential image along with the complete. Incremental images that were created in the meantime will no longer be needed. The data volume of these differential images is correspondingly larger than a series of incremental images.

Create job for incremental or differential imaging