Scheduling functions

The Job Wizard allows for the automatic scheduling of the program functions. You can, for example, plan to have your data drives imaged once a week.

  • You will be forwarded to the corresponding activity window for your selected job via Jobs and reports, which lists all jobs and reports created in O&O DiskImage. With a double click you can see the corresponding report or edit the job.
  • You can create a new scheduled job, by clicking on the symbol Add as job after selecting the drive or a folder in the activity window.

Note: In order to execute jobs on a regular basis, the starting conditions (e.g., source drive, images, or target drives) have to be the same. If you make changes to a drive’s name, the storage location of the image, or on the layout of a target drive, the job may no longer be executed successfully.
Example: If you’ve created a job for incremental imaging, you need to enter where you saved all the previous images serving as a basis for the new incremental image. If you’ve moved the “base image” to another storage location, you’ll need to enter the new storage location in the Job Assistant: otherwise the new path will not be found and the job cannot be run successfully.

Note: If you’re starting O&O DiskImage directly from the bootmedium, the tabs for Scheduling and Notification are not available in the Job Wizard.


Create job

Plan a schedule

Settings for a job

Create job for incremental imaging

Execute commands before and after a job

Job information

Edit jobs



Scheduling functions