Limitations when restoring on different hardware

Under certain circumstances it is possible that the restored or duplicated system does not start or is malfunctioning. The following constellations may lead to malfunctions:

  • No hard disk was selected as target, only a part of a hard disk (partition/volume/empty area).
  • While creating the layout on the target “delete layout” was not selected. This makes it possible to create partitions/volumes on a different offset.
  • You have not selected a hard disk as source, but a single partition/volume and skipped over the partitions/volumes, which contain the needed boot information.
  • You are trying to boot from a hard disk, which is connected to controllers, which haven’t been initialized by Windows at the time of booting, e.g. booting from a hard disk, which was connected to the computer via a USB controller (not a USB stick).

Note: If error messages appear during booting, you will get instructions on how to proceed in chapter Assistance when error messages occur during booting.

Note: To ensure a restored system or a clone is bootable, it is important to create an image of the entire system hard disk and then in turn completely restore/clone it.


Limitations in the Restoration on different hardware