Explanation of the Registry entries

In the Windows registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\O&O\O&O DiskImage\6.0, you can carry out certain settings for O&O DiskImage. Please note that changes in the registry can influence the functionality of O&O DiskImage and such changes will continue to be applied after restarting the computer.

Name of the entry Type of entry Short description
Image path String Path to the storage location from the image files.*
JobPath String Path to the storage location from jobs.*
ReportPath String Path to the storage location from reports.*
PwdFile String Path and name of the password file
PublicKey String Public key for password encryption. Can be changed whenever needed.
NoSnapshotTmpFiles String This key is optional: it does not need to be set. If it’s set, this key will influence the behavior of the snapshot driver during the creation of temporary files. In this way you can specify those drives where no temporary files should be created. The syntax for the value is: <Drive letter>;<Drive letter>; (for example: c;d;e;)
Version DWORD

Version of the type of image file. Current possible versions: 1 (up to and including version 4), 2 (current version)**

ExpressFlags DWORD

Optional key for disabling buttons in the Express view. This key can help administrators limit the functionality that is available over the interface so that users can only have restricted access to the program’s features. If the key isn’t set, all buttons are enabled. The DWORD values can be changed so that certain buttons in the Express are disabled:

  • Create image button: 00 00 00 01
  • Restoration button: 00 00 00 10
  • Switch to full view button: 00 00 01 00
  • Read image information button: 00 00 10 00
  • Mount image button: 00 01 00 00
  • Unmount drive-Button: 00 10 00 00
  • Help button: 01 00 00 00

* Can also be controlled over the user interface. If you’re not sure, make changes over the user interface. There you can find additional explanations and selection options.

** The format of image files was extended in O&O DiskImage 4. In addition to the imaged data, checksums are placed in the image so that an identity check can be carried out for data inside the image. Older versions of O&O DiskImage do not recognize this extended image format and would label the image as invalid. To help older versions of O&O DiskImage work with images created by a newer version, the new version can create an image using the “old” format.

O&O DiskImage oodi5 registry 640x467 Explanation of the Registry entries

Registry entries from O&O DiskImage – Example: Disable button for “Switch to full view”(ExpressFlags)

Explanation of the Registry entries