Allocating objects

For cloning or a restoration the source and target can be linked differently. Sources are drives or disks, which are restored from an image or have been used as source while cloning.


  • Disk: A hard disks or in general a disk, which contains one or more drives.
  • Area: An area on a disk. It may be empty, contain disk information (MBR, GPT, LDM) or belong to a drive.
  • Drive: A partition or a volume, which is located on one or more hard disks.

Source and target may be linked in the following combinations:

  link from to
1. Source disk Target disk
2. Source disk Target drive
3. Source disk Target area
4. Source drive(s) Target disk(s)
5. Source drive Target drive
6. Source drive Target area(s)
7. Source area(s) Target disk
8. Source area Target drive
9. Source area Target area

Allocating objects