Different imaging methods

Different imaging methods allow the image to be adjusted for different purposes. You get a space saving image, if you select the setting “only used sectors”. If you want to rescue data from a damaged hard disk, then we recommend a forensic image – all sectors are imaged exactly according to their structure. This enables a later data rescue with special software e.g. O&O DiskRecovery, without affecting the original disk.

  • Imaging the used sectors of drives (partitions/volumes) – unencrypted data are gathered in the image.
  • Complete image of all sectors of the object to be imaged (forensic image)
  • Direct forensic image – encrypted data is also gathered in the image.

After a basic imaging, you can create the following images as incremental or differential to store only the changes:

  • Incremental image – the changes of the previous images and the current disks are gathered.
  • Differential image – the changes between the first image and the current status of the disk are gathered.


Select imaging method

Different imaging methods