File formats

O&O DiskImage creates its own file formats for their images, but it can also process other file formats.

File format OMG

O&O DiskImage creates images with the file extension (*OMG) of your entire computer or single drives. This file type can be used for further activities by O&O DiskImage, such as restoration, validation or conversion.

File format OBK 

While creating a file backup using O&O DiskImage, the files and folder are compressed and stored as OBK file (*.obk). An advantage of the OBK files are that they can also use and unpack the data included with a decompression program like for instance WinZip. They don’t necessarily need O&O DiskImage to be unpacked. Encrypted file backups are the exception. They can only be processed with O&O DiskImage.

File format VHD

O&O DiskImage is able to create and edit file formats for virtual computers (VPC/VM-Ware). In that way, you can also mount a drive from an image to a virtual drive in the VPC or your VW-Ware.

File formats